Your patience has been rewarded, Robo World is officially announcing and opening Whitelist for Beta Test Registration!

We are looking for the most dedicated community members to climb aboard and will be rewarding them with a whitelist slot aka golden ticket. Top deserved members will be eligible to earn 200$ and take part in our attractive Beta Test Campaign with a bigger prize pool.

Read on for further information about the whitelist event and details of how to enter.


💰 Prize Pool: $2000 ROBO

⏰ Duration: 21 Mar, 3 AM — 27 Mar, 3 AM (UTC)

Slot Mechanism:

Total winners: 100 slots

Top Referral (Gleam): 50 slots

Top Chat Members (Global Telegram): 50 slots

Reward Mechanism:

Top 5 Referral Rewards: 200$ ROBO/slot

Top 5 Stop Chat Rewards (Global Telegram): 200$ ROBO/slot

Reward Allocation:

Top 50 Referrals and 50 Activity Members will get whitelisted and notified via the registered email.

Reward allocation slots will be available for contribution 14 days after the Whitelist event.

How To Participate?

To have a chance at a spot in the whitelist, kindly refer to these instructions:

👉 Step 1: Visit link

👉 Step 2: Done all mandatory tasks

👉 Step 3: Share your gleam referral link with your friends.

👉 Step 4: Come to our Global Telegram

👉 Step 5: Interact with members as much as possible.

(*) You may win both rewards at once.

We wish the best of luck to all entrants to the whitelist competitions and look forward to welcoming you to the Robo World community!

Robo WorldWorld’s First Blockchain-Powered NFT x Ar x Vr Game.

Robo World is a NFT Play-To-Earn game inspired by space exploration and space battle. It utilizes blockchain, AR and VR technology to enable users to make an additional income by playing games and investing NFT in the game, in addition to entertainment purposes. Robo World is a turn-based card battle game with each card representing a 3D robot with a unique set of attributes.

Combining two genres of turn-based card and role-playing, Robo World with AR & VR technology brings people to transform into real robots, explore the depths of the whole galaxy and fight to conquer territories. At the forefront of UranusX’s promising ecosystem, Robo World harnesses the power of blockchain technology, NFT, and the Play-To-Earn model, creating an open economy that allows players to increase their wealth and experience the game at the same time.

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Robo World — World’s First Blockchain-Powered NFT x AR x VR Game

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Robo World Official

Robo World Official

Robo World — World’s First Blockchain-Powered NFT x AR x VR Game

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